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Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips

November 29th, 2016

Not All Coffee Is Created Equally (caffeine wise)

Caffeine content in coffee varies for a number of reasons – an important fact if you drink coffee for the “pick-me-up.”  For example, because of the strong flavor of espresso vs. drip coffee, many java junkies mistakenly think that a double espresso contains more caffeine than a Grande Dark Roast (Starbucks Speak). Here’s the skinny: espresso is brewed by forcing steam through fine coffee grinds, while drip coffee is made by pouring hot water through coarser grinds. Espresso contains more caffeine per ounce than drip coffee, but the portion is much smaller: ~1.5 oz for espresso vs. at least 8 oz for a drip coffee. Therefore, a double espresso typically has less caffeine than a small drip coffee. Similarly, an “Americano” is 1-2 shots of espresso plus water - tastes a bit stronger than drip coffee, but has less caffeine than the same size drip coffee. Additionally lighter roasts typically have more caffeine than darker roasts. So despite the “stronger flavor” you get less caffeine that from say, a Starbucks Blonde roast. It pains me to cite thoughts from an expert such as Asker Jeukendrup, but since you’re more likely to believe him than me – here you go.  Happy drinking and dose, accordingly.

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