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Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips

October 24th, 2016

Dress for Success (Fall season)

Fall is in the air and winter is right around the corner. It’s the time of year that begs the question - What the hell do I wear to bike practice? If you ride in the morning, like I do - it’s damn cold when you start, but may warm dramatically when the sun rises. In these situations, opt for more clothes than you think you should wear, but strive to be tolerably chilly for the first 10-20’ of your ride. This will help ensure that you’re perfectly cozy once the engine warms up. Start with a quality base layer and then add garments that are easily removable on the fly: arm warmers, knee warmers, skull cap, and wind vest are your must-have fall cycling items. Shed items as it warms - pull the arm warmers down to your wrists (no need to remove), remove the vest and stow in a jersey pocket, lose the skull cap when the noggin heats up, or keep everything on if the sun stays hidden or the temperature fails to climb. Don’t let the weather discourage you from riding!

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