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Pre-Designed Training Plans

Pre-Designed Training Plans

If you want to take the guesswork out of training and are looking for an affordable, simple, yet detailed plan to follow for your next triathlon - Coach Jimmy’s generic plans are a great option. 

All beginner training plans are geared toward the entry level athlete who has some experience with swimming, cycling and running.

All intermediate plans are geared toward the athlete who has participated in a few events and is looking to improve upon his/her finishing time, or stepping up from one of Riccitello’s beginner plans.

All advanced plans are geared toward the athlete who has a lot of training and racing experience and is looking to take their results to the next level.

All plans feature relatively short weekly individual workouts (30-75 minutes) and relatively long weekend individual workouts (1-6 hours).

Typical weekly triathlon training duration ranges from 5-7 hours for the beginner plans, 5-12 hours for the intermediate plans, and 5-16 hours for the advanced plans. 

All of the plans for sale here are searchable on Training Peak’s website if you wish to read about the plans in more details, or simply click on the links below to purchase your plan and the included Training Peaks account.  If you already have a Training Peaks account, the links below will provide instructions on how to load the plan into your existing Training Peaks account.

24-Week Plans are $159
16-Week Plans are $129
10-Week Plans are $99

Happy Training and thank you for considering our affordable plans.  Click on any link below to purchase a plan or to learn more about a plan:

Riccitello’s Intermediate 16-Week Half Ironman/70.3 Plan

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