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Free Training Plans

Free Training Plans

Free plans are here!

The “Newby” plans are designed for the first time athlete with very limited fitness experience, and the “Beginner” plans are designed for the entry level athlete who has some familiarity with fitness, but little to no experience specific to their chosen event. My hope is that this free plan is a launch pad or stepping stone to future triathlon, cycling, or running pursuits.

Your plan will be delivered to you through Training Peaks.  If you have a Training Peaks account, simply enter your username and password when prompted and your free plan will be inserted into your calendar on the starting date of your choice. 

If you do not have a Training Peaks account, you will be asked to create a free account.  Follow the instructions, pick a starting date on which your free plan will start, and then get busy getting fit for your sprint distance triathlon.

To receive your free training plan, simply click on the name of the plan, below.  More free plans are coming soon:

Riccitello’s Beginner 6-Week Sprint Triathlon Plan

Enjoy, and let me know how you did!

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