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There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat (9 Questions for Bree Wee)

January 24th, 2012


“There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”  I know that this means there are several possible ways of achieving something, but I’ve always wondered about the origin of this idiom.  I can’t imagine that there are more than two or three actual ways to skin a cat, which is quite a few less than several. And besides, as everyone knows – a cat has nine lives.  Therefore, even if there are several ways to skin a cat, chances are decent that our feline friend may come out of the process okay.  With this in mind – sort of – and in honor of skinless cats everywhere – I’ve come up with nine questions for some of my athlete friends, that illustrate there are plenty of ways to achieve success in sport and in life.  I hope that their answers help you find your own way.

Bree Wee’s success as an athlete and mom, is an example that balance and excellence are not mutually exclusive.  In 2007, not long after the birth of her son Kainoa, Bree Wee finished the Ironman World Championship course in 9:47:40 – faster than any other age-group athlete had ever gone before.  In 2008, Bree set her sights on the pro ranks.  Bolstered by the love and energy of family and community: parents, six sisters, 2 brothers, most of Kailua-Kona, and a virtual army of adoring blog followers, Bree continues to raise her level of game, and inspire others to live honorably and follow their passions.  Read her blog to get an idea of what it takes to race side-by-side with the best female triathletes in the world, while remaining true to yourself, your family and friends, your values, good healthy food, . . . and your bikinis.


1. Triathletes are often considered Jacks-of-all-trades, but a master of none.  What are your thoughts on this perception? True story, most of the time a pure swimmer, cyclist, or runner can show a triathlete a thing or two at a single discipline.  Since you’re asking me though, I think its because triathletes try to get the most out of life, we go after three sports in a single race.

2. With regard to training: quantity or quality? Doing the wrong thing a million times will never make it right – quality counts for sure!!  I’m a fan of some quantity too, though.  It’s nice to mentally know you can go the distance and beyond.  Both …

3. Do you strength train? If yes, why and what is your basic routine?  If no, why not? I LOVE the gym!  In the winter you can find me there with all the meat heads.  It’s been a huge goal of mine to be able to do a pull up and this winter I finally made 3 in a row!  I’ve still got spaghetti noodle arms, but I love the qym.

4. What type of diet do you follow? You can call it the “island diet.”  Pretty much anything and everything from and around the island.  Fresh fish, taro, mochi, tropical fruits, rice covered in furikake, over dose on mac nuts and avocados, and I’ve been known to handle a few spam musubi during long rides.  I try to eat fresh and most time I do a good job, but if someone bakes fresh banana bread it’s rude to say “no”

5. How do you balance triathlon and the rest of your life? Fortunately I’m blessed to have triathlon as my job, so I treat it as just that-my job.  I wake up and tackle the day with whatever coach has on my plan.  When that is done the rest of the day belongs to Kainoa, family, friends, and a sunset….

6. What do you love most in life? Without a doubt, the people I am blessed to call family!

7. What is your dream job? At the moment I am living it!!  Racing triathlon all over the world, such a dream!!  I could see myself in a kitchen whipping up some recipes for a cook book too!!

8. What is the most inspirational sporting moment you have witnessed or experienced? Have you ever seen “Cool Runnings?”  That movie, honestly LOVE it. 

9. Finally, and most importantly: How do you like your coffee, and how much coffee do you drink on a daily basis?  Green tea.

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