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The Long Run

October 7th, 2011


This photo by Craig Bellmann
This photo by Craig Bellmann

I woke up in Kona today to pictures of our kids running in their first cross country meet of the season.

I flipped through frame after frame and studied – not with the eyes of a coach, but with the eyes of a parent and with the eyes of an athlete.

I noticed the expression on their faces – driven, determined, relaxed, pained.  I looked at their eyes – focused, happy.

They love to run and race – win or lose.  They push themselves to the limit and then sit in the shade and laugh, eat, talk with their friends.
They don’t talk about the race.  It’s over.  But they talk because of the race.

A wise man once told me not to be afraid to lose.  When you’re not afraid to lose, you’re a winner – even if you aren’t the first person across the finish line.

Those pictures – they remind me that the path my life has taken has been a rewarding journey, and finds me anxious and excited to continue to turn the pages.  The rewards I’ve had in life were born of sport – and the rewards need not be measured materially. 

In a material world – it’s often hard to spot the rewards in our lives.

I’ve won a few races in my life – but I’ve lost many more.  I look at the faces of the children in the pictures – my children and the others – and I see a lot of winners. 

That’s a very cool thing.

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