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Madeline and Matthew Talk Running

January 23rd, 2012

Here’s an interesting Q&A about running and racing with Matthew (age 9) and Madeline (just turned 8).  We chatted the day after they participated in the Tucson Sun Run 5K.*
Kids love to run – even if they hate running.
I encourage all parents to run and/or walk with your children.  Encourage them to bring their friends.  You’ll be amazed at the things you learn about your children, their friends . . .  and yourself.  It’s so easy.  No equipment necessary.  And for the love of some higher power – please don’t listen to your IPOD while you’re exercising with your kids.  (I would think this goes without saying, but since I recently witnessed it, I figured a gentle reminder wouldn’t hurt.)

While there are no guarantees – hopefully through the process, you’ll instill a love of exercise in your children that will last a lifetime.  And maybe along the way, you’ll rekindle your own love/hate relationship with running.

*Madeline Grace finished the Sun Run 5km in 30:33.3 (9:50/mile), and Matthew James finished in 21:34.7 (6:57/mile).

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