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I’m Right. (Should a male triathlete shave his legs?)

January 6th, 2014


Men - we're hairy. Embrace it.
Men - we're hairy. Embrace it.

I enjoy a civil argument – especially when there’s no right or wrong answer, because then I’m always right.

With this in mind – tune in here to periodically weigh in on questions that have no right or wrong answer.  It’s always fun to argue when you can never be wrong!

Should a male triathlete shave his legs?

No, you should not shave your legs if you’re a male triathlete.

Shaving your legs will not make you a faster triathlete and is a colossal waste of time.

Swimmers shave visible body hair before key meets – at most, once or twice per year.  And I believe that the heightened sensation the results from shaving off a jungle of hair and the first layer of skin, may lead to improved “feel” for the water and therefore faster times.  However, the reason swimmers limit their shave-down to once or twice per year is because the more you shave, the less sensitized your skin feels – you become used to the feeling, in other words.

So any male triathlete who tells you that he is hairless because he will swim faster, is pulling the fur over your eyes.  Besides, 99% of triathlon swims are wetsuit swims!

I’ve heard it all: hairless legs make massage easier, hairless legs make road rash easier to take care of, hairless legs are more aerodynamic – all BS.

The only reason a male triathlete wants to shave his legs is because shaved legs look better – which is 100% true.  The ugliest legs will look less ugly sans pelt.  But that’s still no reason to spend time and money on a regular grooming routine if you’re a man.  On average, it takes a man 26 minutes to mow down the hairy equivalent of the rough at Augusta National.  Not to mention the fact that yearly razor and shaving cream costs will run you well into the three figures.

Furthermore, it’s a scientific fact that leg hair was put there for two primary reasons having to do with the survival of both the male and female species: warmth and traction.

Bottom line: Go for a three to four mile run instead of shaving your legs, and then bank the money you’ll save by not buying razors and shaving cream.  At the end of the year, you’ll have enough money to buy yourself a nice pair of running shoes (or two, if you’re extremely Sasquatch-like).

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