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Coffee is good - duh.

June 30th, 2011

Coffee. So good and so good for you.

Did you know that the coffee plant produces caffeine as an insecticide to protect itself from bugs. This could explain my seeming immunity to mosquitoes and other bugs.

And it’s also helpful to know that coffee (caffeine ingestion) is very safe. A person my size can ingest 10,000mg of caffeine and only have a 50% chance of death. That’s about 70 strong cups of Joe. Guess I’ve been holding out on myself.

Did you know that caffiene (coffee) is the world’s most used psychoactive drug. That’s right - you’re a druggie.

Don’t believe me - check this video, then.

  And thanks to Bill Katovsky at Zero-Drop for enlightening me to this video. If you like running, you’ll dig his website.

Thanks for looking. I’m gonna put a dent in a few more cups.

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